from the very first moment

if you're pregnant or trying to conceive:

you get that positive test, you are a mother. it's terrifying and exciting all in the same breath. you created a life. you created someone new. with the motherhood series, you'll be able to choose what's important to you. from your pregnancy announcement to your gender reveal... we’ll celebrate pregnancy milestones + I’ll capture your beautiful birth. from the first moments your baby has in this big world to their first year of life… let me be there for you through out your pregnancy + beyond.

if your motherhood journey looks like foster care + adoption:

we'll curate your journey to fit you and your child. the day you get find out you get to adopt your baby or child. your adoption announcement, your day in court when the judge says the most special words: your child is officially yours. special birthdays, parties, family photos... we will capture what is most important to you and your little one(s).